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Upcoming Parent Workshop

Date: 2019-02-12 - 2019-03-09

Through a series of Parental workshop, parents will learn how to set up the home environment and how to give meaningful activities for your loved one, and how to support your child to develop as an independent, self-motivated, and confident person. 

Workshop  Theory (Montessori and the Child)  ( 3.5 hr session)


Course Outline: 

To learn about Montessori Philosophy and how it is related to your child development during the most important period of the first 6 years of life.  

(1) What is Montessori education?

(2) Why is it important? How to set the Home (Prepared) Environment?

(3) When can you see the important signs (suggested by Maria Montessori) happen in your child life?

(4) How to observe the signs of sensitivity?

(5) What actions you should do to educate your child? Philosophy behind the Actions.

The Montessori and the Child course cover the Montessori Philisophy, Child Development, and the aims behind all the presentation. This is a very hands-on and practical course if you want to practice Montessori learning method at home.

 Date & Time:   Saturday,  9 March 2019 ( 9-12:30 pm)  
 Course Fee: 

  $ 800/person ($650/for 2nd or more people in the family)

 Language:  Cantonese

 School Management (Senior AMI Montessori teacher)


 3/F Mandarin Building, 35-43 Bonham Strand, Central, HK 


Workshop  "Terrible 2s"? How do raise the best 0-3yr child? (2 hour session)

Course Outline: 

  • How to avoid your child becoming a "Terrible 2s"?
  • Why 0-3yr is the most important development plane?
  • What does your 0-3yr child need?
  • What do you do to support their development?
 Date & Time:   Saturday,  30 March 2019 ( 9:30-11:30 am)  
 Course Fee: 

  $ 480/person ($280 Early Bird before Mar 15th)

 Language:  English
 Speaker:  School Management (Senior AMI Montessori teacher)

 3/F Mandarin Building, 35-43 Bonham Strand, Central, HK 

*************************************Cancellation Policy *************************************

We have limited seats in each parenting class to allow sharing time, hence, we do not take in more people after your seat is confirmed and the class is full. No make-up class would be granted, if you cancel after your seating is confirmed.   


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